Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rollercoaster Weekend

Whew! Where to start? Highs and lows all over the place - this applies to my blood sugars, emotions, and the actual physical inclines I've been traversing all weekend. 

Saturday morning - The bad: overslept and missed a 10k road race I had been looking forward to running. The good: my roommate dragged me to a local farmer's market where we bought GREEN DUCK EGGS from the cutest kid EVER. Also, said cute kid sold us delicious banana bread that had a rich yummy mocha cream frosting. Of course, my blood sugar shot up, then crashed from the banana bread. Not too upsetting, since I had expected as much and hey, I really should know better than to eat dessert for breakfast. 

Saturday afternoon - I'm getting ready to go out for a run when the skies open up and it starts pouring rain. Mildly upsetting. Luckily the weather cleared up in a short time and I was still able to hit the road trails! I ran on a loop dubbed the "rollercoaster" by the college xc team for its ups and downs. Those runners would have laughed their socks off at me had they witnessed my utter lack of confidence as I would go down one fork, then would turn around and go back and take the other fork, always unsure of myself even though I had run on this trail before.Had a low blood sugar early on during the run, but rather than bailing (like I usually do), I consumed my Clif shot gel and kept going.

Upon finishing the run - I was super muddy and happy and bg was 148. I drank some iced tea that may or may not have been sugary, took a unit of insulin and hopped in the shower. All good.

Out of the shower - Dexcom picks up a reading of 226. Not so good, but not bad, either.Went to dinner - didn't want to aggravate bg so limited the carbs - had salad and water. Took 4 units of insulin - this was an "overbolus." Should be good.
Two hours later, there is a freaking 393 on my freaking Dexcom! Bad!

My mood is often linked to my blood sugar - inversely. The higher I am, the lower my mood, and vice versa... unless the bg is super super low.

The bg ended up dropping steadily and stabilized before bedtime, and I had a fun Saturday night in spite of it all, but Sunday morning I was down in the dumps again after receiving some bad news. Our family's beloved cat, Toodles, passed away in the early hours of Sunday, May 22. I gave him the name "Toodles" when I was eight years old, when he came up to me on the sidewalk outside our house as a stray. He was the neighborhood cat before then, going from house to house for food and affection, but shortly after I started calling him Toodles (and "Toodle-doodle," "Toodle-dude," or "Toodley") he decided he liked the Narula house best. We always said "he adopted us," not the other way around. 

miss you already, Toodle-dude

Toodles under the xmas tree, December 2010

       He had a good long life - came to us at the age of six, according to the vet's best guesses, and he brightened our lives for over 11 years. I'm just sorry I wasn't at home to say goodbye :(

I could write a thousand more words about this character - he truly was a character! kind of like a real life, super sweet Garfield - but will refrain. 
Late Sunday afternoon was a long and hilly bike ride (38 miles, 10 more than I'll need to ride in my upcoming triathlon), but that exercise didn't stop my blood sugar from flying up again that night. Any elation I felt from finishing my first bike ride longer than 25 miles was countered by the disappointment of hyperglycemia. It was so frustrating to see the Dexcom graph creep up and up all the way to the 300's, and I knew I had insulin on board from dinner (for which I had overbolused anyway), and I knew the sugar would come down eventually. But damn, I hate being high! I could practically feel the glycation taking place in my cells, speeding up the aging process and causing destruction of my nerves, eyes, and kidneys...aaaaaahhh I hate this disease!

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