Monday, July 11, 2011

Back from CWD; Now I really need to unpack

At CWD with Sam Talbot, who has Type 1 diabetes and was the runner-up on season 2 of "Top Chef." He gave a cooking demo at a reception on the final night of the conference.

      I am exhausted. After getting back from California on July 2nd, Mom and I had just a few days before getting on another airplane - this time to Orlando, FL for the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference (often abbreviated as CWD FFL). This yearly event is always fun but energy-draining, with over a thousand families affected by Type 1 diabetes descending on Disney World during a hot & humid week in July. 
      This was a business trip, in a sense, because Mom had to attend the conference on behalf of the company she works for and I was there to help represent Insulindependence. We just got back home yesterday, and fortunately we're not traveling any more until August, when we go to Rye, NH for a true vacation.
       I've got lots of stuff to catch up on over the next few weeks, including preparations for my Insulindependence fundraising dinner and getting started on that Swenson family history project. First thing, though, will be cleaning up my room, which is littered with diabetes supplies, clothes (I've decided I'm not buying any more clothes for the next 12 months), and books/things from my college dorm.

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