Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Artificial Pancreas: Hope on the horizon

I just signed the JDRF's petition urging the FDA to allow research to move forward on the Artificial Pancreas. An artificial pancreas, if it works, would be the most revolutionary advance in diabetes treatment since the discovery of insulin, says JDRF, and I'm inclined to agree.
Early this year I participated in a clinical trial in Boston for Dr. Ed Damiano's artificial pancreas research; being an AP research subject gave me hope but also despair for the future - weird as that sounds - because I can see the promise that this technology holds, yet it seems so far away from being perfected, and right now there are plenty of obstacles in the way of its progress. One such obstacle (or bundle of obstacles, depending on your perspective): the FDA. You can read more about JDRF's efforts to advance the AP project, and the frustrations we're dealing with, here:

Sign the artificial pancreas petition here:

And learn more about Dr. Damiano's study in Boston here:

Now, some notes and photos from my experience with AP research! (the notes part will come later)

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