Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer's here

Today started out horribly, but ended gloriously. 
The good: an early evening trail run followed by barefoot strides on the school football field. The hours between 4 and 7pm have always been "prime time" for me in terms of feeling really good and moving swiftly on runs. This workout was no exception. After stretching and putting my socks and shoes on, I had the genius idea of making a quick detour to the river to cool off. It was hot, and I had gone swimming in the river for the first time on Monday, and the thought of diving in and then laying out on the docks post-run was just too sweet to resist! 
The Ledyard Canoe Club docks on the Connecticut River
Now I'm getting excited for my open water swim in the Mooseman triathlon this Saturday. 

Today was the official last day of classes for spring term here at school, and it was the first day that the local farmer's market was open for business on the Green - pretty clear signals that summer is here!
Farmers market on the green - open every week from June to September

Finishing up my classes and enjoying the warm weather definitely made up for the rocky start I had this morning, which was marked by a blood sugar of 32 at 3am, followed by mass consumption of smoochies, followed by going back to sleep without brushing my teeth, followed by sleeping through my alarm and barely, just barely, turning in my final project for my 9am class on time. There were a bunch of other loose ends I needed to tie up before this afternoon, but now they're all (almost) behind me. The only thing standing between me and a resounding cry of "school's out!" is an exam for my political game theory class on Friday morning. Oh yeah, and a triathlon on Saturday morning. Then I'll really be done with this term, and be on my way home :)

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